Mishka Williams


Mishka Williams lives in West Texas with her husband and five furbabies. When she doesn’t have her head in the clouds, she occupies herself with writing, artwork, and gaming. She’s a proud stay at home dog mom.

Author of the highly anticipated Dragon Bloode Series


Dragon Bloode: Covet is available now for pre-order.


Mishka also authors a fun and informative writers' blog. Check it out!


Author Mishka Williams

Reality Escape Artist Since 1984

Ann Lavendar

Ann Lavendar writes mainstream, historical and fantasy fiction. She lives in Southern California, where the mountains, the ocean, her husband and youngest son inspire an endless muse for creativity. Her two dogs and three cats offer the comic relief. She is a political activist for Women's Rights and Human Rights. Check out her blog Lavendar Thoughts: One Woman, One World


Marq Truong


Marq Truong is rumored to be a fictional author in desperate search for a universe more sensible than his own. He encourages one of his less controllable characters in a spontaneous blog. Check out the Pesnort view of the universe!


Hello Jagger!


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Anne Coffer lives in West Texas where nothing grows but the imagination.

Born in the 80s and growing up in a small town in New Mexico, only the local library offered escape from the confines of reality and school.


Anne’s fascination with science fiction and fantasy were inherited from her father, who sat down with Anne as a child weekly to catch the newest episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Xena: Warrior Princess. A slew of other fantasy books and films would feed the inner muse monster that would eventually push Anne to write her first full length novel at age 11 (after many, many unfinished attempts starting from kindergarten).

It was about a girl exactly her age (and suspiciously looked exactly like her) going on whirlwind adventures.


Anne is also pretty sure the show Sliders stole its inspiration from her epic tale Lost written in the third grade. Though it was only 56 pages long (hand written) the basic concept was there. (Not really I’m just kidding, I mean, about them stealing the idea. I really did write that story.)

She won her first writing contest in 7th grade and has felt empowered to force her stories on people ever since.

She’s sorry.


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